Our society has taught us to seek outside ourselves. To gain wealth and fame, then travel to the moon.

But how do we balance our emotions? How do we introspect, watch and listen, or best judge good from evil? Where can we learn the subtleties of who we are and how we are connected, both within ourselves and to our fellow "men" and life around us?

Meditation is a state of profound, deep peace occurring when the mind is calm, silent and completely alert. When we are in that state there are no thoughts. The absence of thought prevents stress, the result of worry and anxiety created by thought itself. True meditation opens a channel of energy so powerful that physical imbalances diminish and the body can heal itself. Meditation brings the opportunity to achieve a state of equilibrium known to us as the balance between Yin and Yang.

GnĊthi sauton

become acquainted with, learn about

know thyself

a defining byword of ancient greece.