"When the Kundalini rises, automatically you develop your own balances and that balanced life manifests outside. Now this ecological problem can be solved as soon as human beings get transformed and develop their balances. Because we are imbalanced, that’s why the nature has gone into imbalance.”


What is Self Realisation?

In the Os Sacrum at the base of the spine there resides a subtle and dormant coil of spiritual energy known as the Kundalini – our own motherly force protected by innocence which is the power of pure desire within us.

The process of Self-Realization involves the gentle awakening of this living and conscious energy, so that it pervades ones subtle being.

When the Kundalini is properly awakened, she travels upward through the nerve plexuses in the body. It then crosses the optic chiasma and opens itself at the fontanelle bone at the apex of the head. Here the nerves of the brain become “enlightened”, the nervous system sensitive and the consciousness awakened.

When the Kundalini pierces the subtle center at the fontanelle, one can feel its energy as a wind or cool flame at the top of the head and on the palms of the hand. The Christians call this energy the “Breath of the Holy Ghost”, the Muslims call it “El Rouh”, the Chinese call it “Qi” and the Hindus call this energy as “Paramchaitanya”.

The fontanelle may pulsate which is perfectly normal as it is a reflection of the heartbeat.... This pulsating action is how the soft spot got its name – fontanelle, meaning “little fountain”.

The Kundalini is “awake” in all people at birth. After a few months it returns to the os sacrum until the possibility occurs for it again to rise.

Experience Self Realisation >

When the Kundalini is again awakened one feels a deep silence and a connection to ones spirit residing in the heart. There exists a space between thoughts where the awareness is sharp and a void is filled with peace and satisfaction as described in the Tao Te Ching:

“The Tao is called the Great Mother
empty yet inexhaustible
It gives birth to infinite worlds
It is always present within you
you can use it any way you like”


The Subtle System

Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. On a subtle level there also resides a system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) which look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being.

Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed.

When the Kundalini is awakened, these qualities start manifesting spontaneously and express themselves in our life.

Through regular meditation, we become automatically very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. It is a process which starts to develop by itself when the Kundalini rises and starts to nourish our chakras.