Tiny Urban Farm

from the previous years spinach

Baby Broccoli Leaves: growth from the previous years plant which lived through the winter.

It is wonderful to gather food from the garden through the seasons. I highly recommend digging into the earth and watching small seeds sprout into nourishment. It is extremely satisfying and makes us healthy just through the sheer pleasure of enjoying the wonder of Mother Nature.

The nicest is to be part of a collective plot of land or to garden with a family member(s) – sharing in the joy and the produce.

When I lived in New York City (in the Lower East Side in the early 1980's) I shared a little plot with a friend in a collective garden on the remains of a torn-down building. Our plot was not larger than two by seven meters but we were able to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and salad, celery and herbs. One couple simply grew grass and flowers in their small space to sit on in the summer (with their wooden lawn chairs!)

The watering of the earth with our neighbours was satisfying and peaceful. We were part of a greater community.

Wherever I have lived since then, I have kept a small garden. Since living in Vienna this seems to encroach bit by bit on the grass as it expands both vertically and horizontally. Each year I learn more and more how to extend the seasons and grow the most in a small area.

I am happy to help you expand your own small garden. Whether you have a large space, a balcony or a window sill, I can help you with growing the maximum with the least effort (and the most pleasure).

If this seems a daunting prospect, simply come by for inspiration and to enjoy a cup of tea and cake to enjoy mine – take home some of the pickings when you leave!

Our wonderful fig tree bearing fruit 2x/summer.
Summer squash. Climbing yellow variety.
Produce from our mini farm
Our grape vine. Come over in August and feast on them.
Cucumbers growing up the apricot tree.
Pumpkins in the late summer
Pumpkins. They grew from the compost. We had enough to last us through the winter!