Have you ever stopped to consider the ingredients in the products you put on your skin?

Everyone understands the importance of eating organic and locally-grown produce. We are now also aware of the importance of using natural cosmetics. What we use on our skin – our largest organ – is absorbed into the body and blood stream. If these contain harmful toxins we are damaging our already over-stressed system.

Mother nature has given us everything we need to live a healthy and happy life. Embracing this, Ringana has created natural cosmetics and supplements without compromising on ethics or the effectiveness. They are great products and we can - in person and free of charge - find out which products can suit your needs the best. (If you prefer we can also Skype or communicate via what's app.)

Made from pure, fresh and raw natural ingredients, Ringana offers a natural solution to our beauty care and inner health. Their fresh nature – free from chemicals, preservatives, additives or fillers– means that after production they are packaged and shipped straight to your door!

My Philosophy

We all desire to feel great about ourselves – to have energy and enthusiasm, optimum health and a balanced life. When we are good to ourselves we radiate beauty.

When we find something which has helped us we have the natural desire to share it. Therefore I would like to share these products with you.

These products are of the highest quality. They are made by extracting pure active substances from natural, raw materials. They are free from artificial preservatives, genetically modified or chemical-based ingredients... and they are fresh. This means they are not stored but shipped to you directly.

They are effective – combining the highest in modern science with ancient knowledge of the beneficial power of nature.

If I had the possibility I would create products like these. They have improved both my health and well-being. I recommend replacing any chemical-based cosmetics or supplements.

It is my pleasure to help you with any questions you may have or show you the products so you can sample them yourself. Feel free to contact me. +43 699 1923 8805 – Dara Emerson