Why Chinese Nutrition?

The Beginning of a Journey
9th May 2014
In Memory: Reflections
2nd May 2016
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Having a mother who was (and with an energetic and healthy 85 years still is) one of the original whole foods nutrition advocates, I grew up with every possible variation of “healthy” food. Our dinner table was often an experiment and my lunch boxes the ultimate in junk-food deprival. Its contents of crumbly whole-wheat, homemade bread and fruit was a childhood horror amongst classmates with perfect plastic white bread, small packaged cakes and bags of chips.

As we all are when we leave home we begin understand, respect and imbibe the gifts our mother’s have given us. When we fall ill or have families of our own to nurture, we find ourselves blessed to find we have wisdom to support us. Only later in life did I begun to appreciate the efforts she made to give her children the best at the expense of being mocked by a then ignorant society. The knowledge my mother imparted to me became the basis of my interest in studying nutrition.

Older societies can impart a deeper, more balanced view of how to lead a rich and satisfying life. The security of lives backed-up with tradition and knowledge lets wisdom grow from mother to daughter. Refined, it becomes the basis of great societies. I have the blessing of being born to a mother who had the insight to teach her children the value of wandering from a pack of sheep to behold beauty as well as lifetimes of fortunes to have a Guru who is also a Mother and who has imparted the gift of Self-Realization.

I chose to study Chinese Nutrition because of its preventative philosophy and its easy application to our western lifestyle. It’s values born from the TAO resonate with the life of a Yogi. With 28 years of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, as well as an accumulated knowledge of Ayurveda, I have developed a simple yet effective method of nutritional balance.

I hope that this website and any consultation I can provide for you will impart some of this knowledge to help you live a life filled with inner balance and divine wisdom.

Dara Emerson